VIDAL ASSOCIATES Consulting and Search is a leading retained Executive Search and Consultancy firm operating throughout France and Europe. Our clients include multinationals and privately-owned organisations. Our client is an international car manufacturer based near Bologna, Italy.

This company is one of world's leading players in the design and production of high-end vehicles. As part of their strong development, we are currently searching a:

Based near Bologna, Italy

EE will be part of the Powertrain development department, referring to emission development group leader. EE will be typically responsible for a vehicle project starting from prototype phase to the last market homologation. This implies to manage up to four cars dedicated to emission development, in particular:
- define and check specific instrumentation installation
- daily plan tests to be conducted
- analyze and report results respecting project milestones
- cooperate with drivability, engine control, gearbox control, and testbench engineers
- following hardware upgrade and evolution
- propose improvements to hardware software and procedures
- take part to innovation programs

Know How on SI internal combustion engine hardware, physics and calibration, with particular regard to combustion and after treatment related aspects:
- THC CH4 NOx N2O HCHO CO CO2 PN and PM emissions formation mechanism
- Sensitivity of the above-mentioned emissions to modern SI engines calibration parameters
- Emission after treatment, three-way catalysts and GPF
- Emission measurement devices and systems; CVS system for roller bench test and PEMS for road test
- Combustion analysis based on in chamber pressure traces and typical testbench measurements
- Worldwide emissions regulations and vehicle homologation process
- Engine a gearbox control unit calibration on roller dyno
- Knowledge of ETAS SW (Inca-mda) and Matlab-Simulink

- At least 4 years' experience as gasoline emission engineer in the dedicated automotive sector, tier 1 suppliers or in automotive-consulting
- Degree of Mechanical Engineer or equivalent
- Ability to work in a multi-tasking and dynamic everchanging environment
- Strong work ethic and integrity
- Good knowledge of English, both written and spoken

To apply for this job, please send your application to Stéfany PERRIN from VIDAL ASSOCIATES Consulting & Search under reference Vb10202L

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